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        2. Accelerate & Protect Your WordPress Site

          Give your WordPress site enterprise-grade performance and security without an enterprise-size price tag. StackPath Edge Delivery, only $20/month.

          • Blazing fast page loads
          • DDoS protection included
          • OWASP threat protection included
          • Unlimited sites included
          • Website monitoring included
          • First month free
          Accelerate & Protect Your WordPress Site
          Trusted By

          What's Inside

          StackPath Edge Delivery 20 gives you the perfect combination of our industry-leading edge services for optimizing the performance and protection of WordPress websites. One price. One convenient package. Easy. Fast. Effective.

          Content Delivery Network

          Content Delivery Network

          Make pages load super fast by caching most-accessed content and assets closer to site visitors.

          Web Application Firewall

          Web Application Firewall

          Protect your site, content, and assets at the internet’s edge from DDoS attacks and the OWASP Top 10.

          Managed DNS

          Managed DNS

          Accelerate and improve access to your site with global DNS management, powered by Anycast.

          Service Monitoring

          Service Monitoring

          Have your site constantly monitored and receive alerts about its availability, latency, and more.

          Simple Setup

          Give your site speed and security in minutes. Just click “Get Started” on this page to go through a simple, guided setup process made for WordPress sites.

          Sign Up

          Confirm DNS

          Point Nameservers


          Get set up in minutes. Try it free now.

          Get Started


          Our enterprise-grade CDN stores your most recently and frequently requested content in StackPath edge locations, closer to where your site’s users are. Our global Anycast DNS resolves requests right at the edge too. And our private network backbone between all edge locations gives data a shortcut around the slowdowns and detours of the public Internet.

          Altogether, your content is delivered faster and more reliably, for a superior end user experience and more efficient operations.


          StackPath WAF analyzes all traffic attempting to reach your content and origin, and only allows legitimate, authorized access. Paired with our unique platform-wide DDoS protection, it lets you protect all layers of your application. And our private network backbone between all edge locations can keep your data and even your origin off of the public Internet as much as possible.

          That way your site and data have high security and high availability, without sacrificing high performance.

          Layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS Attacks

          The volume of incoming requests is constantly measured and if a threshold is exceeded all traffic is challenged to verify a human source.

          OWASP Top 10 Threats

          Policies protecting against the top ten security threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project are active by default.

          SQL Injection

          Protects against malicious SQL statements being entered into input fields and then executed by the SQL database of a vulnerable site or app.

          Cross-site Scripting

          Blocks attackers from injecting client-side scripts into web pages to bypass typical access controls and dupe end users.

          Bots and Automated Traffic

          Protects against automated traffic with state-of-the-art detection, including device fingerprinting, for unparalleled precision.

          Custom Rules

          Tailor your security to more specific needs by creating custom rules through our simple, Boolean interface.

          Need a customized, high-usage plan?

          Contact Us

          Get Started Today

          Get speed, security, and cost savings. All in one package.

          Edge Delivery 20

          Edge Delivery 20

          For WordPress websites that run slowly or experience security problems.

          • CDN – 1TB/mo Bandwidth
          • WAF – 5M/mo Requests & 5 Rules
          • DNS – 2M/mo DNS Requests
          • Monitoring – 1 Service
          First Month Free
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