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        2. Flawless Delivery of 6 Billion Ad Impressions per Day

          Key Takeaways

          Revcontent uses StackPath to deliver ads quickly and reliably to its partner sites. It also caches API responses at the edge to acclerate API performance.

          • Delivers 6 billion ad impression per day with StackPath’s CDN
          • Caches API responses on CDN to improve load time of custom widgets made with the API
          • Receives enterprise-level support that some providers charge $30K+ for


          Scaling the world’s largest content recommendation platform

          Digital advertisers and publishers demand the timely delivery of creative assets. If ads don’t load quickly, advertisers get charged for false impressions and the digital experience is compromised for the publisher’s audience. Further, ad networks responsible for the delivery of assets lose credibility.

          As the world’s fastest growing ad network focused on content recommendations, Revcontent needed an ad delivery partner that could serve its existing advertisers and publishing partners while scaling alongside its growing demand. Most importantly, reasonable cost had to scale alongside consistent performance.


          Find a performant CDN at reasonable cost

          Richard Onyon, SVP of Operations at Revcontent, works with some web service providers that charge $30K for enterprise support. The provider he wanted and that the growing business required would have great support baked into the core offering at no additional cost. After all, if the CDN worked as CDNs are intended to work, $30K worth of support time would not be required.


          Working with a CDN recommended by developers

          Onyon reached out to his network of DevOps friends to find a cost-effective CDN solution that could deliver ads and cache API responses at the edge. StackPath was recommend by more than one person and, shortly after, his team built StackPath into their platform.


          Accerlated API performance and brand-grade delivery

          Revcontent gives publishers the ability to create custom advertising experiences with the API widgets featured in its Innovation Lab. With these widgets, developers can build out native, interstitial, and slider ads on the publisher’s website. And because API responses for these widgets are cached at the edge, the widget’s framework loads as quickly as the advertising asset that inhabits it.

          Beyond using StackPath to make Revcontent more performant, Onyon is experiencing a level of support that he never anticipated.

          “We had a crazy complex support problem,” said Onyon. “Our CTO was experiencing an SSL problem and we just couldn’t figure it out. You guys worked on it for 2-3 weeks and came up with a solution. After the fix, we realized it wasn’t even a StackPath issue but you helped us out anyways.”

          “StackPath is the easiest to work with in the industry. I rarely have any support requests because everything just works. Other vendors try outquoting them and it’s just not worth it.”

          Richard Onyon ? SVP of Operations, Revcontent

          Company Description

          Revcontent is a leading content discovery platform that delivers 250B+ content recommendations per month.


          Advertising & Publishing

          Use Case

          Ad delivery and API caching


          Get started with a free trial

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