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        2. Serverless Scripting

          You write it. We run it. Right where users first reach the Internet.


          Run your code closer to end users to reduce response time and improve experiences.


          Easily create integrations between services anywhere in the cloud, without hard coding.


          Enable workloads with near endless scalability for rapidly changing traffic volumes.


          Replace under-utilized services with code charged only when run.


          “We check the serverless script code right into a GitHub repository and use StackPath’s CLI to deploy it. Within seconds it’s live. There’s virtually no population time. It’s great.”

          Jason Byrne • VP, Software Development, FloSports

          How It Works

          Simply upload your code or compose it in our portal’s IDE. Your script is instantly deployed in all of our full-scale edge locations around the world. Then whenever a relevant HTTP(S) request hits our platform, your script is triggered and runs in the edge location closest to the request’s origin.

          Your script can modify the request, its response, even make new requests of additional StackPath Edge Compute, Edge Services, or third-party workloads. Unconstrained by the limitations of physical or virtual server structures, your compute scales immediately and is always available.


          Use Cases

          Serverless Scripting is fast, flexible, and scalable. Here are just a few ways you can use it—our customers come up with new ideas every day.

          Creating API gateways

          Collect and process API requests from multiple endpoints and then return a single response, rather than each endpoint having to provide individual responses. This increases API responsiveness and can reduce cost of API operations.

          Creating load balancing

          Analyze and intelligently route inbound requests based on user characteristics to different resources anywhere in the cloud. This balances workloads and traffic to optimize your overall operations and costs, and to improve end-user experience.

          Creating firewalls

          Analyze inbound requests to direct or block traffic based on its authorization. This protects your applications and infrastructure from malicious activity, unwanted bots and other automated traffic, without sacrificing access and performance for good traffic.

          Adding security headers

          Automatically add HTTP security headers to all outbound responses without modifying core application, improving security and privacy for both you and your end users.

          Authenticating users

          Integrate an authentication management service into your workflow, triggering authorization processes for any inbound request and subsequently allowing access. This increases privacy, protects valuable content, and total access control.

          Prioritizing users

          Route users through different page flows or customer journeys based on end-user characteristic. This lets you control and prioritize access to create different levels and content of end-user experiences and create value-adding traffic management models.

          Personalizing end-user experiences

          Dynamically modify HTML pages with content based user characteristics such as geographic location, daypart, authenticated customer data, type of device, cached information, and more. This delivers highly personalized user experiences without compromising response time.

          Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

          Create triggers to deliver pre-rendered HTML pages when a user-agent is identified as a search engine crawler. This accelerates your site’s responsiveness and page load time for higher search engine scores.

          Converting/optimizing images

          Transform images in real-time—such as scaling, compression, and transcoding—in response to unique characteristics of the inbound request—like device type, network speed, and more. This lets you dynamically optimize the delivery and appearance of visual content.

          Simplifying A/B Testing

          Deliver alternate (random or controlled) website or webpage options without implementing redirects or alternate URLs. This simplifies ongoing multi-variate testing and reduces its impact on website performance and responsiveness.

          Container? Virtual Machine? Serverless?

          Multi-language Support

          Start scripting right away. StackPath Serverless Scripting is built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine and supports WebAssembly. That way you can write scripts with the web development programming languages you already know, using the best one for whatever the job is at hand.


          IDE & Sandbox

          The powerful IDE in our customer portal makes developing at the edge easier than ever. And our full-featured Serverless Scripting sandbox lets you test your scripts before pushing them to production.


          Always On

          Rather than VMs or containers that might have to be spun or warmed up, scripts are always ready to respond and only charged for when and where they are executed. Additionally, scripts on StackPath execute faster than those on other platforms, with significantly quicker startup times.

          AWS Lambda (800ms start time)
          StackPath Serverless Scripting (50ms start time)

          All Locations Included

          Your scripts are deployed to all StackPath edge locations with no additional charge, ready to be executed in the location closest to any incoming request. Scripts can even be easily customized to provide specific functionality per edge location.

          Key Features

          Robust APIs & CLI Tool

          Integrate scripts into CI/CD processes to make managing your scripts a simple addition to your existing workflow.

          Customer Portal & IDE

          Quickly compose, manage, and monitor scripts and their? performance through our easy-to-use customer portal.

          Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine

          Leverage blazing fast execution engine that translates code into native machine language in real-time on execution.

          WebAssembly Support

          Write scripts in the web development programming languages you already know and want to use.

          Example Script Library

          Use, revise, and share example scripts to get your functions up and running right away or explore new applications.

          Secure Sandboxing

          Each script runs in its own, isolated sandbox—one script, one sandbox for higher security and reliability.

          All Locations Included

          Scripts deployed to all edge locations with no additional charges for using the whole StackPath network.

          Immediate Execution

          Scripts uploaded, created, or changed in the customer portal are pushed to every StackPath edge location within 2 seconds.


          “We experienced a 30% cost savings with StackPath’s serverless scripting and received premium quality support while optimizing the cookie-sync for our real time bidding platform.”

          Reda Guermas • VP of Technology, Ad Tech, Future

          Need a customized, high-usage plan?

          Get started today

          Easy sign up. Instant activation.

          Serverless Scripting

          Serverless Scripting

          Run computing scripts serverlessly to execute behaviors at the edge.

          • 15M requests per month
          • $0.60 per additional 1M requests
          • Unlimited scripts per site
          • Unlimited scripts per stack
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