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        2. Network

          Our global network gets you closer to end users, with a private backbone between all locations to move data faster and safer than ever.


          65+ Tbps total throughput and up to 3x less latency from end user to compute node.


          Private network backbone between edge locations reduces your data’s exposure on public Internet routes.


          Strategic, full-stack edge locations give you a local presence for most end users worldwide.

          Global Network

          Private network backbone. 45 full-stack edge locations. 65+ Tbps total throughoput.


          “Our video platform makes it possible for any publisher to stream video at the same quality as Netflix or YouTube. StackPath is critical for us to accomplish this.”

          Adam Brown • Cofounder, Mux

          High Performance Edge Locations

          Other providers say they have hundreds of locations but not what they have at those locations. Every StackPath edge location has a full deployment of our advanced infrastructure, not just a single server shoved into someone else’s rack. That way every location can deliver our full suite of products, is fully secured, grows on demand, and provides robust performance with exceptional value.

          High-performance servers

          Every StackPath server is outfitted with proprietary SmartNIC technology and solid state drives (SSDs) to deliver the highest server-level speed, reliability, security, and flexibility.

          Enterprise-grade networking

          Every StackPath edge location features top-of-the-line routers and high-density, layer-3, top-of-rack spine switches to deliver highly performant, reliable, and scalable networking.

          Terabit throughput

          Each StackPath location is designed for scalable throughput; all servers feature 10/25/40/100Gbps connectivity and our team is constantly innovating more ways to open the throttle.

          Cloud-scale architecture

          Our network design follows principles that legacy edge providers don’t, providing immediate availability, exceptional capacity, and nearly endless possibilities.

          Anycast Network

          Our platform includes a global Anycast network, providing ultimate flexibility for overall network management, powerful load balancing capabilities, and simplified setup and management of your StackPath services.

          1. Multiple instances of the same resource—such as an application or content case—in different physical locations are assigned the same Anycast IP address
          2. A user or device wants to connect to that resource, and sends a request
          3. The request goes to the closest SP// edge location, where the StackPath Anycast network routes the request…
          4. …the fastest/most-responsive instance

          “We’re saving almost $1K/month on AWS since StackPath’s last network optimization. We’re also directly saving money on our CDN bandwidth costs with StackPath.”

          Craig Hewitt • Founder, Castos

          Network Carriers

          Every StackPath edge location features multiple, independent tier-1 carriers, providing enterprise-grade performance and reliability and enabling us to intelligently route traffic around network congestion, weather-caused outages, and other performance obstacles.

          North America

          • ATT
          • CenturyLink/Level3
          • Cogent
          • Comcast
          • NTT
          • TATA
          • Telia
          • Verizon


          • CenturyLink/Level3
          • Cogent
          • Deutsche Telekom
          • FranceTelecom
          • Liberty Global
          • NTT
          • Sparkle
          • Telefonica
          • Telia
          • Zayo


          • CenturyLink/Level3
          • KINX
          • Korea Telecom
          • NTT
          • PLDT
          • Singtel
          • SKBroadband
          • TATA
          • Telstra

          South America

          • CenturyLink/Level3
          • LANautilus
          • NTT
          • Telefonica

          Australia & New Zealand

          • CenturyLink/Level3
          • Optus
          • Telstra

          Peering Partners

          Combined with our transit carriers, our exceptional number of peering partners enable us to hand more traffic directly to last-mile networks where end-users are browsing—approximately 95% of the time in Europe and 85% of the time in the United States—for a high-quality end user experience. Fewer hops. Faster throughput.

          2,600 Peering Partners

          28,000+ ASNs Wordwide

          49,000+ Visible ASNs

          Learn More

          Our Edge

          Our secure computing platform gives developers of all kinds a new type of cloud with an unprecedented edge.


          Our orchestration engine and robust APIs give you complete control over compute and services at the edge.


          Our security-first design, makes data protection an inherent, built-in feature of all our offerings.

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